Sunday, February 21, 2010

Snookie can't be Chilean!

Just disgraceful! Indignant! Yuck!

She's apparently Chilean! Grr... she's such class... I hate to be put in a similar category... ugh. Nature vs. nurture? ugh.. still can't undo what the media does. Who lets these people on TV? I mean who goes by nicknames like JWOWW and SNOOKIE? What is that? Don't even tell me we are getting older? Will my son wear pink? Is it a generation gap I just won't be able to understand.

Oh the things our kids will put us through in time... I suppose I woun't understand just as my mother didn't when I was a teen.. and somehow I am still so excited to watch Gus grow everyday and imagine what he will be every stage of the way.


Valentina said...

WHAT DO YOU HAVE AGAINST CHILE? I'm from Chile and it's a beautiful country

cc said...

Valentina - you missed the point, both of my parents are from Chile, I love Chile, and I would live there if my life was different, but it's unfortunate Chile got bad publicity from Snookie being in the press. Sorry, it was not my intention to offend.

Anonymous said...

The hell... it's disgusting, but maybe it's true...

There are bitches like that everywhere in the world.
Sadly... the american population who's interested in that show must be some major assholes, so Chile will be the "Snookie's nation" for now on...

I watched some episodes, it's always surprising to see how the youth is getting wasted everyday. I'm 19 and i don't have the need to go to a club and be an asshole to get laid, or makeout with someone.

"Not enough wars, not enough natural selection"