Monday, March 22, 2010

My blog is moved!

My blog is moving, Neil has very graciously given me a new site and MY OWN DOT COM!!! Yeah!

Please visit me at!

I am still working bugs out and changing the way it looks.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

5 months and 1+ week

Gus grows with each week... this past week he learned a few new tricks which just adds to his adorability factor 10 fold... maybe 20 fold.

He grabs his toes and thinks they are the greatest thing
and he also goes "brrrrrfsffffsss" when he purses his lips and blows
(especially when there is a nice spoon of rice cereal there-
which makes it especially fun!~)

Motherhood continues to amaze me! He is just such a blessing, I don't know why we waited so long to have kids! For those parents of teens and young adults out there, don't forget to encourage your younger ones to procreate! I focused too long on "I want to go to college" and "I want to start a life" and "I want to be so independent" and "my career comes first"... I had put aside the marriage and have kids ideas for too long. I was so selfish! But on the other hand, don't make too many - we do have an overpopulation issue! One per adult!

Neil and I believe that couple should only have two kids.. just enough to replace them. I agree! Babies are wonderful and all, as are big families, but I just don't see the point if overpopulation will destroy the earth we live on, and that they inherit.

Gus is such a happy baby, but he had a few random crying bouts yesterday that were a bit off. We think he might start teething soon, or maybe he just was full of poo... which he did let go finally during some some encouraging tummy time.

Enjoy the pics! We took Gus swimming last week, he loved it! Just playing in the water (warm water - therapy pool at the Severna SPY). I actually even wore a bikini... umm... never again... or at least for a while.. my jiggle is still ewwww...

As for little nekked man... sooo cute... can't help but take a few cuties!

Ok more to come soon!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rice mush.

Rice Cereal. How exciting, we got the go ahead on our 4 month doctors appt and now we are getting used to the idea. Gus is taking his mush in pretty well all in all. He actually opens his mouth and the thicker I have made it still is working out well for him. He is so funny though and the last two nights (without Neil's help) it's been very very messy!!! UGH!!

Ebay Junkie. Have you ever used Ebay like a garage sale? It's my new hobby to get rid of stuff... as in selling stuff we don't need any more and getting mooola back! It's a sweet deal! (money goes right into my paypal account).

Mommy Sanity. Went for a stroll with Christalene and the babies the other day and it was wonderful. The weather was glorious!! We picked up lunch at respective restaurants (we wanted different lunch stuffs) and went to the "city dock" to eat (just by ego ally in Annapolis proper). We enjoyed our meals, we fed the boys (tried to be discrete but well.. boobs on the dock works too). And then we had to have desert, but not one, I had three... Christalene had two. I had cookies with my sandwich (from Atwaters), I had a crepe from the little crepe joint (banana royale), and it was soo good... I dropped it twice on the dirty dirty road way and still ate it. The butterscotch (which was home made) was so gooey and so tasty, and so all over the place! It was too good! Then later we walked from Christalene's house to Ritas which just opened for the season! Soooo good! Walk up and got my junior cup of custard... with sprinkles!!! YUM!!!

Ok more later, I have so much to chat up about but ugh.

Day care said that Gus held his bottle on his own terms today! First for everything!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

(we have this ad on our wall in the "mommy room")

My hair is falling out
My boobs are floppy, I could hold many markers
(before I could barely hold a pencil)
There is a crease under my cheeks
(and not the ones on my face)
I have to specially dry that crease after the shower
Every 2 hrs (at work) I wrangle plastic tubes, bottles, and go topless!
Estrogen dumping makes me moodier
Jeans still don't fit, I hate my uniform

So there we were talking about how our bodies take on such great changes in shape, chemistry and even allergies. As if it's not bad enough we can't be with our little angels all day long we have to revel in all the changes he or she brought us in a little closet of a room with our machines (brrmmm brrmmmm suck brmmm brrmmm suck as they go).
Laughing after she told me this, but one of the gals I pump with, she had a new allergy start up last week. She gets hives. And today she didn't come in to work earlier because she claimed she had "marge simpson" lips. Poor thing, she has a new allergy that she can't figure out. I told her to tell everyone she got botox. Then I imagined the scene and laughed the rest of the day, bless her heart.
As for clothing, at least all the civilian moms get to wear comfy clothes, in order to pump at work, I have to assemble parts, connect tubes, prepare some paper towels for the milk that drips everywhere, unzip my jacket (because I refuse to let people see me without it - too fatty fat), unbutton my blouse without my ribbons ripping skin off my hands and arms, pull up my undershirt, hope my belt buckle doesn't fall off (because they are not made well) and cross fingers to not get milk on anything while holding these two suction cups to my bare breasts, and I still get milk on my shirt and pants. Just when you get comfy someone else walks in (another mom) and I always feel a slight awkwardness and the need to turn a little away because the room is super small and you feel like you are in each others laps where you might as well be comparing nipple color. Sigh.. funny stuff. The things we do. I love my little Gustave.
Speaking of, he got 4 shots today. Saw a couple tears (we never see him shed a tear). He is about 4 and a half months old. He weights just at 20 lbs, he is 27.5 inches long and his head circumfrence is 16.5 inches. Doc said something like 98 percentile for his height and weight so I guess that is good good.

Friday, February 26, 2010

What happened to 5 years ago?

What a week! Gus is half way to his 5 months! Whoho! We have shots next week and he has been doing more tummy time and rolling around these days.

He grows like a week! I am in shock how long he has gotten in the last couple weeks. At daycare today he had two major blow outs so the lovely ladies had to change his outfits. The outfits they had as back ups were a bit too small! He has outgrown them, so he came home in this short sleeved pants falling off cowboy outfit.. sigh... mom has to provide day care some bigger back up clothes!

So 5 years ago I would have never guessed this is where I would be in my life. In fact let's see.. 2005, I was leaving San Diego, I had made Chief Petty Officer, Neil proposed to me, I was a partier, I was enjoying life to the max, I snowboarded religiously during the winters, and I was transferred to Texas. I had a click... we had friends. I had a going away dinner, I miss them, I miss OB, I miss having people. I never would have thought I would be bearing my breasts in front of other women in a small room at such an exclusive agency three times a day (Mommy room at work), I never thought I would be in a "fixer upper" that we are still renovating a year and a half later (what were we thinking, never again), I didn't think my life would change so dramatically... but it did. It's unrecognizable, my people got to busy with their own lives, and we moved away.. it happens. Oh it happens!

Here I don't have people.. yet. But instead of standing by as I did in Texas I started a group. We will see how it goes, I have 15 mommies! Yeah! I am excited to make some new friends at similar points in life!

Now Gus is the highlight of my life, but I want to share him! Men are so different about it, I hope to share some adult conversation that doesn't revolve around work or babies (or at least all the time). I have not had a conversation in such a long time, I just don't know what I would say, I probably would revert to talk of babies! Haha..

Sigh, remember the past, enjoy the moment, and look forward to the future! I suppose I need that as a new mantra! I just feel like it's going by too fast! And we are not enjoying it with the people we love the most. Today, go remind someone you love them, and why they are such a big part of your life. . . because before you know it, it's five years later and you haven't spoken in months and maybe years!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

How many toys do you buy?

Gustave is Mr. Independent these days. He is playing more and more on his own without having to be bothered with others. His mirror and himself laugh and play, its adorable. It's neat to see the transition as he begins to interact with the world around him, it's amazing!

As for his interaction, we have purchased him more than his fair share of little toys. He has things that ding, sing, dong, rattle, roll, talk, spell his name for him, tell him the colors in Spanish, soft things, chewy things, things that wrachet, and the list seems to go on! We love getting him things! He seems to have quiet a few favorites.. and they are usually the ones he can grasp. The ball in the picture above (Baby Einstein), and a crinkly lion (Bright Start). He seems to really love those to in particular because he can get them to his mouth. Everything goes in his mouth! He is even putting fingers in his mouth these days. About a week ago only the back of his fist would make it, but now fingers.. we will see where that goes, I suppose it will morph into thumb sucking... just so cute. He sucks on everything... Neil's arm, my belly when I am getting ready, fingers, hands, knuckles.. it's so cute. I suppose some of it is soothing. \

So how many toys are too much.. well we said two days ago that we would not over do it on the toys and then I go ahead and spend $50 in toys yesterday (baby laptop, Leap Frog's Scout, and I don't even know what.. but it must have been cute and useful). I think Gus likes the diversity and we can figure out what he likes best too.

He has also been working those vocal cords out. He will yell, gurgle, squeal (seems to be his favorite) and expects you to talk to him. he will look on to see what you will do next. So I give him conversation.. baby conversation, and even laughing, Neil and I can get him laughing by laughing at him. It's wild fun. I had no idea as babies we learn to laugh so much. It's great to see the smiles and it's completely heart warming. My world stops and I get lost in his gaze. He will stop nursing sometimes and just look up and wait for me to say something. It's so loving and there is such a connection there it's just amazing.

*Special sentiments. As we are born, others move on. Souls interchange and life goes on in mind and heart. I want to send my blessings to my friends who have lost the center of their universe, and know we are thinking of you. There is nothing one can say, just that we love you.

Snookie can't be Chilean!

Just disgraceful! Indignant! Yuck!

She's apparently Chilean! Grr... she's such class... I hate to be put in a similar category... ugh. Nature vs. nurture? ugh.. still can't undo what the media does. Who lets these people on TV? I mean who goes by nicknames like JWOWW and SNOOKIE? What is that? Don't even tell me we are getting older? Will my son wear pink? Is it a generation gap I just won't be able to understand.

Oh the things our kids will put us through in time... I suppose I woun't understand just as my mother didn't when I was a teen.. and somehow I am still so excited to watch Gus grow everyday and imagine what he will be every stage of the way.