Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rice mush.

Rice Cereal. How exciting, we got the go ahead on our 4 month doctors appt and now we are getting used to the idea. Gus is taking his mush in pretty well all in all. He actually opens his mouth and the thicker I have made it still is working out well for him. He is so funny though and the last two nights (without Neil's help) it's been very very messy!!! UGH!!

Ebay Junkie. Have you ever used Ebay like a garage sale? It's my new hobby to get rid of stuff... as in selling stuff we don't need any more and getting mooola back! It's a sweet deal! (money goes right into my paypal account).

Mommy Sanity. Went for a stroll with Christalene and the babies the other day and it was wonderful. The weather was glorious!! We picked up lunch at respective restaurants (we wanted different lunch stuffs) and went to the "city dock" to eat (just by ego ally in Annapolis proper). We enjoyed our meals, we fed the boys (tried to be discrete but well.. boobs on the dock works too). And then we had to have desert, but not one, I had three... Christalene had two. I had cookies with my sandwich (from Atwaters), I had a crepe from the little crepe joint (banana royale), and it was soo good... I dropped it twice on the dirty dirty road way and still ate it. The butterscotch (which was home made) was so gooey and so tasty, and so all over the place! It was too good! Then later we walked from Christalene's house to Ritas which just opened for the season! Soooo good! Walk up and got my junior cup of custard... with sprinkles!!! YUM!!!

Ok more later, I have so much to chat up about but ugh.

Day care said that Gus held his bottle on his own terms today! First for everything!

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HarmSkills said...

yeah yeah and yeah! yeah for rice cereal, nicer weather, long walks and desserts! Gus is getting so big!!!